So You Have a Vision

So you have a vision or some great idea. Maybe it's an invention, a way to make better swiss cheese, or write the novel that changes the world.

What is at risk for you to take the idea by the b*lls and do it? What is at risk for you to to nothing about it? What's at risk for you to take one step toward that direction? What if you have to do it all by yourself and no one gives you any encouraging words? What if you have to give up something to make it happen; like say watching TV, sleeping in, working overtime at work, spending time thinking about how you can't do it.

Stepping into the fear is the issue. What do you fear? What is in the fear that keeps you where you are?

For me, fear keeps me from risking failure and ridicule. That's my world. There's a fear in there for you, too. Any idea what it is?

What keeps you from attending a New Warrior Training Adventure? You think it's a cult? Too new-age? Too old-school? You'll do it someday but maybe not? That's your fear talking.

I and other good men are waiting to see what you have to offer. Bring it.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf

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