Stand in the Fire with This Man

This post is a poem by a ManKind Project man. I think he speaks about giving to the man you are the honor, validation, and acceptance you need.

What will you do today to honor, validate, and accept the man you are?

Will it be to grab up your courage to stand in the fire with this man and attend the next New Warrior Training Adventure near you?

I hope so.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

This Man
By Joe Fernandez; Winged Panther; Camp Krem, May 2002
(written March 2003)

This Man

who you have long neglected
and left

It is time
to set things right.

Look deep into him
into his face
into his eyes
into his soul.

And really SEE
what you've been missing.

How could you not have seen
his beauty
his intelligence
his power.

How could you not honor
the truth of his heart
the kindness of his words
the courage of his actions.

How could you not bless
his willingness to struggle
his hunger to learn
his will to live.

Behold his gifts.
Honor them.

Encourage him
to spread those gifts
far and wide.

Let him know
beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that he is loved
for all time
fully and completely
without exception.

He craves your love
your acceptance
your blessings.

This man
who stands before you
in the mirror.

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