This Must Be the Place

"The Wild Man is the protector of the Earth."

Robert Bly

As part of the preparation for the New Warrior Training Adventure a man is asked to read the first chapter of Robert Bly's book Iron John.

There is a line in the first chapter where a young man, a hunter in the story, arrives at a pond to look for the King's warriors who have been lost in the woods. The pond is where the wild man lives in the deep water.

"The young man and his dog wander about in the forest and they go past a pond. Suddenly a hand reaches up from the water, grabs the dog, and pulls it down. The young man doesn't respond by becoming hysterical. He merely says, "This must be the place."

This must be the place; I love that line. For me, it is a set of words that means it is time for action and a time for presence. Sometimes I use the line a bit sarcastically to offer up my view of the obvious in a situation.

But, always I am aware that the line signals that the time is present for action.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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