The blog post below reflects a man's experience with the New Warrior Training Adventure and the ManKind Project.

I share it with you.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


From Burnt, by Joshua Bailes

I have been burnt. Not by flaming heat or electrical current, but by the presence of God in and among my life. Burnt by watching other men confront their shame and by confronting my own. Burnt by the struggle and adventure that comes with crossing into my own shadow and finding God there.

All of this has taken place within the context of the ManKind Project http://www.mkp.org. This is a group of men from all over the world who choose to take responsibility for their actions and emotions. Men who choose to feel. Men who choose to create their own reality rather than being battered at the mecry of the waves of others emotions and suffering. Men who choose to meet their shadow rather than being controlled by it. These are men.

It began in March 2006 at the New Warrior Training Adventure. There I faced my shame through role play, group visualizations, and reflection. I came away changed. Now, I weekly work in a small group to express my emotions and work through my shadow so that I might hold up the gold that is within.

I invite all men who read this to check out the organization. I invite all of you to come polish your gold and find out what life is like when shame is no longer a boundary to feeling and living. To find out what it is to be free and be man.

Below is my mission and my affirmation. Come and find yours too.

My mission is to create a world of love by accepting.

My shadow mission is to create a world of hate by rejecting and judging.

As a man among men I accept.