Weekly Circles of Men -- Integration Groups

"What goes on inside these circles is no great mystery and in some ways quite simple. Men are simply telling each other the truths in their lives. They are telling each other about their anger, how and who they love, what they fear and what they are ashamed of. They are telling each other what gives them joy and how they have been hurt. Put simply, they are building containers of trust where they feel safe enough to explore together how they feel. Many, perhaps for the first time in their lives are developing relationships with other men based not on competition, but in trust."

Extracted from The Inside Circle; the Inside Circle, in very basic terms, is a New Warrior Training Adventure-style training done behind prison walls. It was created and supported by men for men behind prison walls; ManKind Project men, paroled men, inside men....men.

The description above is the essence of ManKind Project Integration Groups (iGroups).

Read the description again, I couldn't say it any better.

Every night of the week, men meet to sit in iGroup circles to discover and reach the places of change that they decide is for them.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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