It's Inside

"They tell me the gates of hell
That you shake and you rattle
Are secretly locked
From inside"

Kenny Loggins, The Art of Letting Go from Unimaginable Life (1997)

For me, the ManKind Project is about looking inward at what works and what doesn't in my world.

When I stepped up to attend my New Warrior Training Adventure weekend, I was afraid of what was on the other side. What would it be like after the training weekend? Would changes would stick or would I see any changes at all in my world?

What I found was more about me than I could have imagined. During the weekend, I took a hard look at the gates of hell that I shake and rattle from inside. It was hard work and it still is. I tend to resist change and therefore sometimes resist my own best interests.

I offer that you can find a place among men who care about your journey in the ManKind Project. I am one of those 43,000 men. I will stand with you while you look at your gates of hell.

Jump in with both feet...men are waiting.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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