I Can Only Imagine...This is the Love of a Father

I am stunned at what men are capable of. If you want to see what a father looks like; what a son looks like; what it looks like to give it all; in my eyes this is it.

Click here to see the video (if you can't see it above). Click here for the Dick and Rick Hoyt Web site.

The way I see it, I am open to this because of my work in the ManKind Project. I can see the beauty of these men and the passion of the love.

I am blessed this day to know there are fathers and sons, like the Hoyts, in this world.

I'm out.
Bravehearted Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Brother, thank you for posting this very inspiring movie. It brought me to tears.
    With love from Green Dragon in New Zealand.

  2. William Now11/30/2006

    One of my sons just had his first child. Another son I momentarily felt like giving up on.

    In both cases, I have been searching for strong messages to send them about fathering.

    This video and the love of this man for his son carries that message home to ME. From this place, I can begin to give it back to my sons and my new grandson.

    Tears? You bet. And humble respect for the power of love and determination.

    May all fathers become the fathers they were meant to be--so that the earth and families and relationships--and the son in us may be healed.

    Peace and love from William Now, "son of god, trusting our loving"

  3. Black Bear12/01/2006

    Thanks. This provided a great opportunity on this, my birthday, to reflect on my own relationship with my dad (to whom I e-mailed it) and my own son (with whom I watched it).