Wikipedia.org and the Mankind Project

I research around the Internet for ManKind Project related material. Rarely do I come across "bad press." When there are 40,000 men who have completed a process like the NWTA, there will be some who didn't get what I got; simple fact of life. But, it is pretty rare.

There's a Web site called Wikipedia.org that looks basically like an Internet encyclopedia. The difference is that anybody can publish to these pages. They have rules regarding verifiability, but it appears to me that anybody can post anything.

Wikipedia.org has about a bazillion pages of pseudo-reference material. One of those pages is on the ManKind Project. I have checked into it a few times and I am continually amazed at reading the parts that claim (with no verifiability) that MKP is somehow a cult or "Large Group Awareness Training" (LGAT) cult type group.

I have read what an LGAT is and MKP most definitely is not a commonly-defined LGAT. Why not? Because MKP supports the training with follow up groups, called Integration Groups. These groups are populated with men who have been through the New Warrior Training Adventure and are working on making changes in their own individual lives.

The interesting part is that, as a men's organization, MKP is about men finding their connection to heart and service in the world. From my seat, MKP is not about what commonly goes for an LGAT or a cult.

See here for my take on MKP as a cult.

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