One Man's Staffing Adventure

A man's share on staffing a New Warrior Training Adventure. Enjoy.

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Old-faithful Wolf


From Richard J. Fairchild blog

The New Warriors Training Adventure at Rock Lake was simply awesome, exhausting, energizing, draining, and fulfilling. For four days the sun shone - each day brighter - as men came together and journeyed deeper into themselves and the world the creator has made. It was my first staffing and I have an appetite for others despite the low level anxiety that accompanied me through the weekend. I am hopeful that over the next few months that I will regain some of the energy, the confidence and the ability to concentrate and articulate my thoughts simply that I have lost over the last few years. One thing is sure, and that is that The Mankind Project has helped me to change me for the better in the midst of the troubles that have distinguished my emotional and mental health since March 2003.

I had a wonderful homecoming on Sunday night and managed to not take on the load of care dealt out to us both while I was at the NWTA. Monday and Tuesday however, proved to be days of hard work as we had to deal with a flurry of legal and emotional matters and prepare to depart for Golden early Wednesday morning..... in just a few hours actually. The work has been long and difficult indeed! But the fruit of doing the work is that there is always good fruit produced. Hashem is in charge. We can simply do what we believe we are called to do and leave the rest - be it joy or sorrow, gain or loss - in His hands and leave them there with confidence.

Be talking to you all soon I hope. We will not be able to return from Golden till Thursday evening. Your prayers for Ann and I, for Charlene and Jim, and most of all for Nikk, Dawson, and Felicia will be much appreciated.

Shalom, Richard

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