Initiation of Men by Men

From MKP-Chicago Center:

"I feel anxious, unsettled before attempting this. Why?

If so, this is a good sign. Initiation of men by men is a powerful and deep experience which has been lost in our culture. It involves risk and reward. The risk of truly facing yourself, and the reward of having a safe container in which to achieve that. The intuitive, creative part of you may sense a deep need for initiation. Every man requires this for mature masculinity."

This is about fear.

I was afraid. I stepped into the fear (though I did not know that was what I was doing at the time) and walked with other men who have feared. We walked in together and walked out together.

Will you walk with us; the men who initiate; the initiated; the ManKind Project.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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