Winds of Change

Today, two men from my town are going into the New Warrior Training Adventure in Northern California.

I have come to know one man very well as he has sat in my iGroup, Four Stone Circle, since the middle of May. I have heard him speak of his fear and joy and anticipation of this weekend.

The other man I have a bit of time with as we have sat and talked and he came to Four Stone Circle last week.

Both these men are just like you; men in their lives looking for whatever they are looking for. They are very different men; they are very similar men. They are like you; they are men.

Men come to attend the New Warrior Training Adventure for an infinite variety of reasons. You will have yours, if you choose the winds of change. Really that is what this is about, change.

Is it time for your change; your particular, unique, honorable change?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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