"When we look at a finely manicured lawn, we see how the grass has been clipped uniformly by the "owner", there is no other plant growth allowed, we understand that to accomplish this is to regularly mow the grass and to spray some toxic chemical all over the land so that only the selected grass grows.

The action plan of MRT (Multicultural Resource Team, ed.) can be likened to plowing the land over and allowing new growth of dormant energy. When land is newly plowed over and without spraying chemical all over it , we see that what will come up initially are "noxious weeds of every description" (shadows) these are the repressed and angry energies.

When we are patient and trusting, we see that these "weeds" lose energy and give way to another new growth. This new growth which follows are grasses of many descriptions , flowers of many wonderful and different colours, shrubs and trees. Medicinal plants grow, birds, butterflies and "wildlife" return to the land, and what we have is a diverse and beautiful land. "

John Crier, Cree Nation -- MKP Multicultural Resource Team Member


I really enjoy this piece. The author has hit upon a basic truth for me. Growth is often met with resistance. How many times I cling to the manicured lawn idea when, if I was willing to allow the growth, I would see the great beauty lying in wait underneath.

What growth are you waiting for?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


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