Farewell, Andre!

"The pride I take in everything I've experienced has to do with what I've poured into it, not necessarily what that experience was. I mean, I think tennis is one vehicle. I think we can find excuses in life or we can find inspirations. I've always tried to find inspirations."

Andre Agassi, 9.4.2006


There was a time when I thought Andre Agassi was nothing more than a good tennis player. I had a whole bag full of crap to throw his way and was not shy about putting it out there.

In the work I do in the ManKind Project I have found that so much of what I think about anybody has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.

I watched Andre's final match the other night. I was torn between the feeling of honor to watch a man do what his passion is and my feelings of shame that I put so much of my stuff on him. Such is the clarity in this work I do now.

I revelled in his honesty of emotion, his tribute to the fans he felt close to, and the clarity with which he walked away with his head held high.

Andre went out a King, as I see it. I saw him stand in his glory and feel the feeling of it.

Farewell, Andre!

I'm out.

Old-faithful Wolf

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