What's Happening to Men's Work?

What's Happening to Men's Work?

"More 'Women Respond to the Men's Movement' than men. Our continued portrayal that any man in a men's group or doing personal work, runs around nude in the woods beating drums keeps men from risking. Let's find ways to get men out of their caves rather than pushing them further into it. Only people can give warmth to a cold, lost, angry heart. And, a challenge to those who criticism men's work: don't stand on the outside reading inaccurate information written primarily by men who are not willing to experience the work. Find out from the inside. Feel it first. Won't you take my hand. We'll help each other stand."

From Gordon Clay, Webmaster of Menstuff.org


I think it says it all. I will stand with you?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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