Sacredness of All Things

"We are already as spiritual as we are going to get. What we seek, we already are, we just need to recognize our connection to the earth and the sacredness of all things."

Litlle Crow, The Sacred Hill Within (ISBN 0-9635440-5-5)

The sacredness of all things....Can you wrap your mind around that for a moment? It means that everything and everybody and every everything is sacred.

The bottom line here is that I think (and Little Crow thinks) you are sacred. I am, too. So what would it take for you to treat yourself as such? What would it look like to stand in a place of peace with who your are and what you are?

Would you be afraid? Would you be loving? Would you listen to your dreams and make them come true? Would you walk next to me while I find my sacredness?

The ManKind Project doesn't teach any spiritual belief; nor does it try to make you be anything, do anything, or say anything. You are your guide and mentor in your life and in the ManKind Project.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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