Celebration of Men

After every NWTA, the NWTA staff and other area men and families get together to welcome the newly initiated men into the ManKind Project community of men. It is an celebration that never fails to bring joyful tears to those that attend.

Want to see what men look like after a training? Want to see the joy and wonder for yourself? Contact a local ManKind Project center and ask when the next celebration is. They will guide you.

See the post below for an article from a man who has not attended the training, but attended a post NWTA celebration.

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ManKind Project Celebration
By Francesca Cassini
Mankind Project Celebration on 28 September 2005

The Columbia Hotel, central London. A wet and windy Wednesday night. A group of over 30 men had just completed the New Warrior Training Adventure with the Mankind Project (MKP) and this was their celebration. I'd read a review by a journalist, spoken with Steve Cooper at MKP and even though I knew nothing about the actual events which took place on the Adventure, I had a deep sense that each man had undergone a profound experience.

As they chose to stand and address the audience (made up mainly of friends and family) their words came from their boots. They said they felt whole; rounded manhood; able to face the future with strength; confident they could care for the family; inspired to bring more love and peace into their community. One of the older participants hugged his son, ‘Now I've learned to talk about myself, you won't be able to shut me up,' he laughed.

The wives and girlfriends were encouraged to comment. One wife, babe in arms, smiled ‘I can be myself now without feeling judged; I can speak freely without worrying if my words are right or wrong'. Another young woman stroked her husbands face. She said she knew few real men in her life and now her beautiful husband was a man. Another said this is a gift to women - the gift of a man who knows and trusts in himself; willing to take responsibility for his actions; one who has accepted his strength - a man who has pulled down the barriers and now communicates from the heart.

These men looked like ordinary men. They also gave the impression they were trustworthy, they made me feel safe. I felt they had all become more than they believed they'd been. I had witnessed something important.

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