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Today's post comes from the Joseph Campbell Foundation Forum. I choose this snippet because I think it clearly shows the way a man feels after attending the New Warrior Training Adventure. The second post in the long forum series is from the man who I quote below. As you read you can follow his questions, his leaving for the weekend, and his return. This is men talking about the training and how it relates to a man's life.

I enjoyed reading all the posts. Give yourself a good 45 minutes to read all of it. It's worth it. Then sign up.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


"I had all of the same concerns before my initiation. Trust the voice that is urging you to go. The other one may be your shadow.

I can say that it worked for me beyond my wildest dreams. I have a clarity to my life right now that I have never had. You cannot know unless you do it. I was very dubious about it before I did it. People who know me see a major change in my persona to the point where they want some too.

Believe me. The ManKind project is a wholesome thing (something I was concerned about before I did it). It is utterly non-dogmatic. I believe in it so much that I would be willing to pay for the priviledge of initiating other men.

As you said, there is a 'safety net'. At any time you can leave the weekend. You get out of things what you put into them. If you are willing to give yourself over completely and trust the process you will come back a different man. A man who acts in integrity at all times. I.e. your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions in alignment at all times.

Since my weekend I have experienced some amazing sychronicity events and heretofore I was about as 'rational' a guy as you could find. Heck I still am. "

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