I love this piece from a fellow initiated man at his blog; love freely.

Being a part of the ManKind Project means I can participate at different levels. I can; attend my weekly iGroup and do my personal work there; staff an NWTA to strengthen my bond with men who are going through the process of staffing or training; contribute to my blog here to give MKP a this man's presence/experience on the Internet; open myself to the leadership opportunities within MKP; attend other trainings that go beyond NWTA; whatever my choices, they are mine and I can own that.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

"One of the many stages in the journey to become a certified leader in the Mankind Project is to get an existing leader to mentor you. Over the years I've had many leaders suggest to me that I move onto the leader track, and implicitly they've all been options as mentors for me.

In making the difficult choice of whom to approach, I considered many criteria - who did I most get on with, whom did I admire the most, who's style did I like etc. etc. Finally, I went with my gut, and my gut chose the one I was most scared of - let's call him M. Funny that.

I called him up, and after some very probing questions M agreed to mentor me. I asked him what his terms were, and M said he only had two rules:

Don't waste my f**king time
Don't waste your f**king time

... and then I knew my gut had chosen well."

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