Men Trusting Men

From the Colorado MKP Web site.

"Explain how you men are able to trust one another when most men don't trust other men.

We are a spiritual community of men. The weekend experience places a man in ritual time and space where profound transformation happens. This experience of standing in "the outer world" creates a common bond of identity and shared purpose. Men of New Warrior are not naive about men. We have a very deep awareness of what the shadow side of men is capable of, but we are discerning about opening our hearts with other men who have been through the same initiatory experience. We have experience dealing with physical and sexual abuse, suicide, and other severe traumas. The framework and container of the weekend is strong enough to handle any life experience a man has ever had. We welcome you."

Men trusting men...can you wrap your brain around that?

I couldn't...not until I walked into this space. There are places in the world where you see who you are; see what's working for you and what isn't.

It's in this space. Can you wrap you brain around that?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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  1. I removed the comment because the commenter spoke about a part of what happens in the training. The commenter did not speak from first hand experience, which, in the case of the NWTA, is everything. The commenter spoke for other men.

    Here are some questions the commenter asked:

    “Why is everything such a big secret?”
    As many of my posts state, the weekend is a personal experience. If I shared what I experienced it would taint yours. We keep it sacred because we want you to get “your” experience, not mine or another man’s.

    “Why so many different names for this organization?”
    There’s only one name for the organization; the Mankind Project. The training is called the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA), although some men may use the word weekend, instead of adventure.

    "Who started MKP?"
    Bill Kauth, Rich Tosi, and Ron Hering (deceased). The history is well documented and published in many places on the Internet.