Making Changes

Fear is a very powerful feeling; it can paralyze me or it can move me to direct and decisive action. Men, as boys, are mostly taught to stuff the paralyzing fear and jump right to decisive action; more times than not with dire consequences.

Taking a look at my fear, what drives it, is just one of the ways that helps me open a door to living an authentic life.

Fear is good. I need to be afraid. How I take fear-based action is my path and my choice.

The blog entry below speaks a bit about fear and how this man makes a change in his life.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

From the WarriorGorilla blog:

"Today I begin my acedemic journey anew. It's been roughly eight years since I dropped out of college and moved to Texas and today, I attend Orientation for the fall semester.

I'm really rather excited.

When I went through my Warrior Weekend, I had no idea that this would be the product. Once I set my mission statement ("I will create a world of personal fulfilment by living my dreams") it was only a matter of time before I made it here. In this case, it was approximately eighteen months.

Eighteen months. Eighteen months after deciding on those 12 words, I packed up and moved from my comfortable life in Houston. Away from the friends that I had made and the family that supported me and helped me focus in on my dreams.

And today, I attend orientation. In six weeks I will step into a classroom again - at 28-years-old! And if all goes according to plan, in about two years, I will have my degree and be moving again.

And I'm afraid.

If I learned anything from my Warrior weekend, is that it is okay to be afraid as long as I do not allow that fear to dictate my life. I have spent far to many years allowing fear to lead my life, I overcame a lot of fear when I moved up here.

Fear is still with we, but when I walk out that door this morning and into Orientation, I will be overcoming a little more. When I walk into my first day of classes, a little more."

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  1. I had a similar experience after staffing my first weekend. Had a very powerful dream, that I was walking down a long sword in my bare feet, so the sword was cutting into the sole of my feet, or soul, and I was walking toward the sun. That image has been a huge symbol for me over the years of initiation. On the following Monday, I went to register for graduate school, and discovered it was the last day to register for that semester. I registered even though I had no job and no money, and managed to trust enough that the appropriate resources fell into place so that I could graduate at 48 with a M.S I am the only one ever in my family line to get a graduate degree and one of the few to get an undergraduate degree. And because of my weekend I get to create an initiation for my eleven year old son sometime soon.