Katrina and Love

I send my love, hope, and prayers to those men, women, and children who have suffered loss. I send my love to the animals that are effected; pets and wild. I send my love to those in charge who are trying to make the best possible decisions under extreme circumstances. I send love to those who work so hard to help, save, rescue, demolish, and rebuild. I send my love to those who stand by and do nothing; for maybe this will be the last time they do nothing.

Here are some Internet places you can help:

RedCross.org, UnicefUSA.org (send money, volunteer)
HurricaneHousing.org (help by providing shelter)
FamilyLinks.icrc.org/Katrina (search for your loved ones here)
CNN.com (huge list of place to help and give)

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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