Male Transformer

The ManKind Project reaches out to men of all types, flavors, races, and biases. This interview asks a Canadaian man some pointed questions about the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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Mankind Project uses mysterious rituals to help heal wounded men
by Chris Barry
From http://www.montrealmirror.com/ARCHIVES/2003/102303/people.html.

Name: David Cordes

Age: 40

Bio: When this fast-talking yet sincere Fabreville resident isn't selling men's clothes at his retail store in St-Laurent, he's busy sporting the "new masculinity" he's attained through his involvement with the Mankind Project, "an international men's group that provides training, support groups and places where men can fully connect with themselves at all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually." David says the Mankind Project "is not a cult by definition" but rather "appeals to men with a sense of adventure who want to challenge themselves." He first became involved with the organization three years ago after recognizing that "there were parts of me that were wounded and needed to be healed. And I knew that [the healing process] involved working with men." He drives a 1994 Saturn SL.

How one goes about attaining one's "new masculinity":
By forking over between $550 and $750 to attend a New Warrior weekend where men go hang out in the woods with a bunch of other dudes for 48 hours. "Men are invited to participate in a variety of processes and highly experiential exercises that lead them to a place of safety. The weekend is, essentially, a male initiation ritual. All the noise of a man's life, like cell phones and radios, are removed so the man is separated from what he is comfortable with. The man is given the opportunity to take a deep, dark look into himself with the support of the group, and ultimately steps through his fears of going to that place."

Is an introductory 50-man circle-jerk an important part of the initiation process?
It could be. "One of the principles of male initiation throughout the world, for thousands of years, is that what we do during the initiation process and ceremony is not discussed."

Is that because people are too ashamed of what happened to them to be able to talk about it?
Probably not.

Is sleep deprivation a big part of New Warrior weekend training?
"Look, over 30,000 men around the world have done this training and I judge not a single one of them have ever divulged what goes on during the weekend. But I do probably sleep more at home than when I'm on a weekend."

What David says happens to people after attending a New Warrior weekend:
"Men experience something absolutely transformational. And when they return to their lives post-weekend, they have a deeper sense of themselves, an awareness of their own accountability and deeper levels of integrity and personal responsibility. For me, it's just wonderful to be part of the transformation of a man opening up and starting to connect with himself."

Is there a Reverend Moon/Grand Poobah kind of character lurking somewhere making zillions off of the "new masculinity"?
Apparently not.

Literary preferences: National Geographic.

Musical preferences: Led Zeppelin, Eminem, 50 Cent.

Television preferences: Trading Spaces, ER, Hockey Night in Canada.

Favourite film of all time: Schindler's List.

Favourite poet: Rumi.

Words of wisdom: "Hurt me with the truth but don't kill me with a lie."

Finding the Spirit

There are infinite dreams and thoughts to be had. I find that I am limited by what I was taught. Are you? How would you know if you were?

This article is by a man who found his poetry through reaching past the teachings. What do you have to give that is locked away? How dare you keep it from you...from me...from all of us. Let me see it. Open the door.

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Finding the Spirit
By Mike Snider
From http://www.lifesherpa.com/life-journeys/2003-07-snider-spirit.htm.

I had often thought and felt that I needed to be writing something, yet I had no idea what to write. I often thought that I needed to write a book, but did not know where or how to start. About a year ago, I attended a men's retreat and it opened up a flow of creativity that I have found to be amazing. At times, the words come so fast I have difficulty writing them down. Often, I am unable to go to bed until I write. At other times, I find I am unable to write even when I want to.

The retreat was based on one of the four male archetypes identified by Carl Jung, Lover, Magician, Warrior and King. The Lover's archetype holds the energy of sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality and creativity. At the beginning of the Lover's Quarter, I was given a notebook, sent to a room where I was asked to quietly view a grouping of objects, and write about what I saw in the notebook. It is hard to say what was tapped or released, but I immediately felt as though there were some words in my head that needed to be written. Over the next 3 days, I worked on my first poem. As I said, writing was something I always felt pulled toward but had no idea what it would be.

However, I did NOT think it would be poetry, and if I ever did write poetry, I certainly would not have shared it with anyone. By the end of the weekend, I KNEW that I had to share what I had written with the other men who were there, which I did on Sunday morning. I was surprised at the reception it got, and by the number of men who came to me later and told me they were very moved by what I had written.

When I returned from the weekend, I felt as though I was an altered state in terms of my writing. For several days, words kept filling my mind at a rapid pace. If I was somewhere I could write, the words would flow like water down a stream. As soon as I wrote one line, the next line would already be formed in my mind. It eventually slowed, but didn't stop completely. I have found that I cannot force the words to come to me. I must be spiritually centered and in touch with the truth of who I am before the words I am to write are given to me.

After I attended the Lover’s Workshop, I attended a New Warrior Training Adventure, and also served as staff at a subsequent Warrior weekend. I have found that this creative force has gotten stronger and more insistent on being recognized. I wrote "Spirit" after staffing the last New Warrior weekend last month. When I get lost in the busyness of my schedule between work, teaching and going to school, the words do not come, but when I relax and re-connect with the Spirit within, the words begin to flow.

When I read some of the things that "I" have written, I am quite surprised and am very moved by what they say and feel blessed to have been a part of their creation.

Poem: Spirit

Beyond the veil of conscious knowing,
I feel the wind of spirit blowing.
It fills my sails and takes the helm,
my ego it does overwhelm.

I feel the power surge deep inside
saying “No longer will I be denied!”
“The truth of love is all there is,
the meaning of eternal bliss.”

The wave that moves along my spine
is sweeter than the ancient wine.
“Wake up and live,” I hear it say,
“and walk along the truthful way!”

What is this light I see abound
each time I pause and look around?
The glow of life is everywhere,
this love inside I need to share!

We all are one, I know is true,
the me that’s Me, the you that’s You.
Far beyond the conscious veil
the truth is known and will not fail.

Into the light of each new day,
I must work to find the way
to show the world the truth within
so peace on earth can begin.

Now I know just who I am
and no longer give a damn
about what others think of me,
I strive, I learn, I grow to be.

Beyond the veil of conscious knowing
the truth of God’s a constant glowing.
Look within and you will see
the truth of who you’ll always be.


I Remember

What do you remember?

Can you look back and see the time and place? Do you have the support of men who will listen to what you remember; without judgment?

The ManKind Project offers you a place to remember...or not. You decide.

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Katrina and Love

I send my love, hope, and prayers to those men, women, and children who have suffered loss. I send my love to the animals that are effected; pets and wild. I send my love to those in charge who are trying to make the best possible decisions under extreme circumstances. I send love to those who work so hard to help, save, rescue, demolish, and rebuild. I send my love to those who stand by and do nothing; for maybe this will be the last time they do nothing.

Here are some Internet places you can help:

RedCross.org, UnicefUSA.org (send money, volunteer)
HurricaneHousing.org (help by providing shelter)
FamilyLinks.icrc.org/Katrina (search for your loved ones here)
CNN.com (huge list of place to help and give)

I'm out.
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