What If?

I remember the day I walked away from my New Warrior Training Adventure weekend; a sunny Sunday afternoon. I felt exuberant, alive, tested, triumphant, connected, and full of questions.

One question always pops into my mind, and is background for this blog. I asked myself this simple question: what if all the men in the world took the training on the same weekend?

Well, getting past the hypothetical improbabilities of the question, I think the world would be unrecognizable.

Men would take themselves and their lives seriously, for one thing. I am in no way implying that men don’t now. I am saying with new and different eyes, though.

Men would care for the planet with new vigor and intensity; recognizing their connection to men and all things.

Men would listen; really listen, to what the voices inside them were saying, and then respond to those voices with clarity and definitive action.

Men would set down arms, and really hear the issues that cause the separation between us, and then work out those issues in clear ways.

My view on the world changed dramatically after the training. Why; because it was time for me to see. I was opened to the possibility that my life could change, that my life was my choice, that my life was mine.

So are you willing to take the leap? Are you the next man to wonder what the world would be like if all men led lives of integrity and accountability?

I am! And I am waiting to meet you on the other side!

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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  1. Richard Skrzypczynski6/17/2009

    My reality say’s doing the week end is not enough!I have opened the door for a couple of men and then got a great big F**K YOU within weeks thereafter. I know that was their shit and not mine but it still hurts. Not every man is willing to face the hurt and pain after he see’s his shadow. Those of us that do reap the rewards of truth and justice and are charged to carry this work further. Bless you brother. Aho!