Men say training has made them better men

Here's a good article called Men say training has made them better men from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Photo caption: After sharing his feelings about the recent death of his mother, Bill Fleischman of St. Louis County is comforted by the touch of other members of his New Warriors group. (Anthony Souffle/P-D)

I find it very surprising that a group would allow a woman to sit in the circle. I appreciate the coverage, but it is very unusual and I actually have never heard it being done before. These are men's circles. We keep them that way for many reasons.

All in all, a fair assessment of the iGroup experience.

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Old-faithful Wolf


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  1. OFW,

    I am one of the men who agreed to let this reporter (who conincidentally happened to be a woman) sit in on one of our I Group meetings. It was quite a stretch, to be sure! And I am very glad that we did it. It certainly proved that good work can happen even when a "stranger" sits in the circle.

    The key factor was intention. Both the reporter and the photographer came with an intention to learn about and respect what we were doing.

    -- Art Z.