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"Coming from the Latin, initiation implies a beginning. The related term, initiate, means to begin or start a particular action, event, circumstance, or happening. But it is also an ending as existence on one level drops away in an ascension to the next.

An initiation is also a ceremony by which a person is introduced into a society, or other organized body, especially the rite of admission into a secret society or order.

Normally an initiation rite would imply a shepherding process where those who are at a higher level guide the initiate through a process of greater exposure of knowledge. This may include the revelation of secrets, usually reserved for those at the higher level of understanding."

I think that last paragraph speaks to the New Warrior Training Adventure most directly. When I look at my exprience in MKP, I see where my life has stepped up to another level. The secrets have been my own. They have been tough to place into the light; to see them for the damage I have done with them.

I think all men are ready for this process. It was a normal part of boy/men life up until just a very few decades ago. Why should we turn our backs on a process that has worked in our genetics for several thousand years?

Walk with me and the 30,000 other men in MKP. Walk with me and all the initiates through time.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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