The Listening

So you found your way here. Chance? Fate? What force brings you here? Call it what you will; here you are reading this.

In my world view, everything is, and has a, purpose. You didn't just stumble in and start reading. Even if you think you did. For me, everything is a part of the great mystery. I can speculate or I can ride the joy of it.

Part of the great mystery is what goes on during an NWTA weekend. I see that men get a chance to look at their lives; what works--what doesn't. Men get to stand in a place that they may have never stood before.

A man asked me once, why did you go the the weekend? I answered as I had so many times before, "Something called to me, and I decided to listen. That listening changed my life."

What calls to you? The NWTA weekend? Will you listen to it?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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