Initiated Man Mark Gerzon on the NWTA

“The MKP weekend is about profound transformations of darkness into light,” he explained. “C.G. Jung wrote about the shadow. The training is about the shadow. The purpose of being in a body is to transform darkness into light. That transformation only happens if you dare to look at the dark. If we get together as men and pretend everything is alright and life is working great … if we start with that kind of illusion and never focus on the dark … then men will never transform themselves. Look at the world and the men who are leading us in America, Al Qaeda, Israel or Palestine. The planet is being shaped by these men who are unwilling to look at their own shadows.”

Mark Gerzon

Are you willing to look into the eyes of your shadow and see what is there for you? I can assure you that the world will look different on the other side.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. The new warrior training was the best $550 (it cost $550 in 1993) I ever spent in my life.

  2. Thanks for starting the blog I underwent training at Sopley in the UK in 2004. I was profoundly sad for most of the weekend at the end I felt exhilrated and at the post weekend gathering I was able to stand up and speak in front of an audience, with confidence, for the first time ever. So yes I gained a lot. However, I'm still very uncomfortable with some of the rituals and mumbo jumbo talk that occurs so now very uncertain on how to proceed. Oh I did the I-group sessions as well. Loving Lion