A Different Journey

OK, so part of my mission in bringing ManKind Project to the world is to grab bits from the Internet and comment or present them to you for your review. My intention is to share my view of the NWTA and MKP. I would not be complete if I did not address the things I find on the Internet that are simply not true about NWTA.

I found this in a description for a Yahoo Group:

32 Members, Archives: Membership required
"This group is for help and support of men coming out of the ManKind Project and have gone through the NWTA New Warrior Training Adventure. MKP is a neo pagan group that actually performs WICCA witchcraft rituals among other things. Many men have been scared of their NWTA experience and afraid to leave MKP. This group is for their help."

I almost laughed when I read this. But then I got to what is real about this for me. These men did not get what I got from the NWTA . I got something these 32 men did not get. I got a place to be me, not the pretend me that I have shown to the world to be accepted. The real me, who honors others for their differing views. So, I honor that these men did not get what I got. To wish that they had would be to wish their journey was like mine. That would be selfish of me, and maybe a bit ignorant. I can't be the judge of what these men need in their journeys. I do believe that they got what they needed for their soul, in this time and place.

So, I must say, I can attest that there is no wicca witchcraft on the weekend. I can attest that MKP is not a neo-pagan group. MKP is not any one thing. 33,000 men have done the training; I don't see how one could label it as one entity. I see that each man in MKP is an individual working on his own soul and life in his own way. Just like the men in ex-mkp.

I was, at many times, on the weekend, "scared;" it wasn't from any witchcraft or wicca activity. It was from facing my truths about my life that I had not faced before.

One last thing, anyone can leave anytime they want. There's nothing to leave or stay in. Simple.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Let me add that MKP supports spirituality in whatever manner each man defines it. MKP does not espouse any particular religion or belief system.

    I did my NWTA ten years ago and have staffed another 15. I have attended dozens of other MKP events. Never have I found anything which conflicts with my own belief system. Never has anyone tried to impose his beliefs on me or to convince me to change my beliefs.

  2. I signed on to this group for a while, and found that there was only one man who had not gotten what he came for. There was also a woman whose husband had left her after the training. Everyone else appeared to be MKP warriors trying to work with these people.

    His belief system doesn't want to believe that anything but witchcraft happened to him on his adventure.