What’s All the Secrecy About?

Updated 10.09.2010

Why don’t I tell men about what transpires during an NWTA weekend?

It’s pretty simple, really. There are two parts to this:

One part is that this is an initiation weekend. That in itself pretty much speaks for itself. If I told you what was going to transpire, your experience would be polluted. I, for one, do not want that to happen for you.

We have an uninitiated man in sitting our iGroup circle-of-men right now who is attending an NWTA in November. He has been in the circle for a couple months. I take this very serious and guard his experience with great care. I do not want to give away anything to corrupt this men’s time at the NWTA. I think we are all very diligent in our iGroup to keep the weekend processes and experiences out of our iGroup. It can be challenging. In the past, we have had to ask an uninitiated man to step out of the circle (out of the building, in fact) so that an initiated man could talk openly about a process that occurred during his NWTA. Both men’s needs were taken into account. Both men got what they needed.

The second part is that, during an NWTA, I feel there are processes, that without context, are not understandable completely. The processes have special meaning and standing and I do not want to randomly give that out. Again, it goes back to creating a space for men to come into that is unique and unpolluted for every man.

The NWTA is about the uninitiated man. Each man does his NWTA differently than any other man. If you knew what was going to happen, that would take some of uniqueness away.

When I attended my NWTA, I had no idea what was to transpire. Looking back, I see that there was no other way for me to get my unique experience.

The official MKP standpoint is here.

So what stands between you and your NWTA?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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