What's After NWTA? (Integration Groups)

Life is what is after New Warrior Training Adventure!

OK, that's not very specific, but it is true for me. NWTA and MKP opened up so many avenues for me to see a world full of possibilities and challenges.

After the training, men may seat themselves in a circle of men known as Integration Groups, called iGroups for short. These groups serve the purpose of integrating what a man learns or starts learning at the training into his life. This can take many forms, and it does. Each man's "work," as we refer to it, is different from another man's work.

The groups are confidential and led by senior members. You may get a chance to sit in one of these circle. In my iGroup, we have guest nights that offer a man a chance to sit in our group to see if it works for him. In most iGroups, the man must complete the training to remain in the circle.

iGroups are local. In my center there are 42 iGroups. They may seat as many as 20 men, but the usual is 8-10 men per group.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf


  1. Anonymous2/18/2008

    For most centers, you've skipped a "what comes next" step: Primary Integration Training. It's a 8-10 evening training, once per week, that helps a man anchor what he's learned on the weekend into his "outside" life. It has additional exercises like those in the weekend and it teaches a man skills and logistics needed to be a productive member of an I-Group.

  2. Anonymous2/19/2008

    Thanks, Anonymous....you're right; this is a very important piece that most centers have. I completed this part and was really amazed at the depths that it took me.