One of the Four Initiations

Robert L Moore, PhD - Four Initiations: Masculine Initiation

Time is late and we are in a desperate situation. Look at your political leaders and listen for anybody that is going to step up and name masculine initiation, or the lack of it, as a serious world-wide problem. You are going to have to listen a long time before you hear anybody that is even talking about this, and even longer before you come across anybody who really knows what is going on. Those in the echelons of power do not have a clue that it is not merely economics, it is not merely education, it is not merely any particular social location or television show or rap song, that is the source of our difficulties: it is the whole lack of a system of masculine initiation and eldership.


Initiation is what the New Warrior Training Adventure is about. Make the call.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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