MKP: Religious or Cult?

From the MKP Web site

Is this a religious group?

There are spiritual elements to the New Warrior Training Adventure, as men are challenged to look into the deeper parts of themselves. But the Mankind Project isn't affiliated with any church or sect, nor do we have any political association. Part of the mission of MKP is to create circles in which all men are welcome and supported, regardless of political or religious beliefs.

Is this a cult?

The nature of a cult is to ask its members to give up their own lives and devote themselves to a single leader or doctrine. The Mankind Project takes the opposite approach, challenging each man to define the life that works best for him, and to live that life fully with the support of a growing network of other men.


In my iGroup, we have men of all different backgrounds, religions/spiritualities, cultures, sexual orientations, etc. That is part of the blessing of my group. I get to see the world in so many ways every Monday night.

I am consistently challenged to see the world through the perspective of my brothers in my group. What I get is a perspective that is only offered by sitting in this type of men's circle.

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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