The Men's Movement Turns Twenty from Shepherd Express Metro

The Men's Movement Turns Twenty

So have men really changed?

By Brian Marks, from Shepherd Express Metro: Cover Story: (sorry, this link has broken)

Why would grown men go into the woods, pound drums and perform chants in the name of self-discovery?

"I had just broken up with a woman I was living with and felt I needed a jolt," said Steve, who declined to be fully identified. Steve wanted to re-evaluate his goals and felt a men's group could help him discover and articulate his mission in life by whoing him "how to be more of a mature and healthy man."

These self-discovering rituals, often termed the 'men's movement,' received a fair amount of press when it emerged here in Milwaukee in 1985. Many critics were baffled as to why men, who had dominated and oppressed women for millenniums, would need a movement. In fact, hundreds of men's groups have formed since the '60s, focused on everything from father's rights to even women's rights. The mythopoetic men's movement founded here, later called the ManKind Project, MKP, has a more introspective focus. It has since become one of the bigger and more influential men's groups.

Steve, who has participated in the men's movement for eight years, said the experience helped him become more accountable for what he does and says he will do.

Having taken a "pass in spirituality" prior to his MKP participation, Steve said the training proved to be a "spiritual kick in the head" that continues to play out in his life.


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