iGroup Statement

"The group is about helping men find their magnificence, their wonder, and their power. Yes, we look at all the parts of us and that includes looking at our shadows. In the end, we are focused on knowing who we truly are and maximizing the best of us."

This is the introduction paragraph to my iGroup's Web site. It states what you can find in an iGroup after attending the NWTA.

I find my magnificence here so I can take it out into the world. I intergrate my iGroup work into my life. I laugh, cry, listen, hear, lead, follow, stammer, fall, rise, shut down, open up, and live in all these parts of me.

Would you like a place in your life that was this safe?

Men are waiting for you to step into yourself. Men are waiting to see who you really are and who you can really be. How long will you keep us waiting?

I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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