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I have a great deal of respect for the ManKind Project, and I can’t begin to explain the degree of love that is aroused within me when I think of the amazing men—men of all shapes and sizes, men from many walks of life—whom I have met through MKP and who have had the courage to go through the New Warrior Training Adventure. What a ride when all went on !!!

I am aware that for many of us the NWTA experience was our first major plunge into the world of self-realisation, personal growth, self-transformation—call it what you like. I am aware that for many of us this powerful dive into the inner realms of our psyche has opened us up to an entirely new way of living. What a blessing. What a profound gift. I give thanks to all those visionary brothers that have carried MKP from its early humble beginnings 20 odd years ago, to where it is today, with myself and many other men here in NZ (and all over the world) going through this important initiatory process.

I am equally aware that for myself (and a number of other New Warriors) MKP is in fact not the seed from which my journey into experiencing my authentic Self has sprouted forth—but rather it was another fine petal that has now been added to the mystic rose that was already blossoming deep within my heart and soul. This path of self-transformation is one I have been on for much of my life, from my early teens to now. It is a path that has many challenges, yet one that ultimately provides many wondrous fruit from which I now nourish myself whilst here in this world. I know there are other MKP Warriors that share a similar story in this regard.

So here’s my invitation, my encouragement, to all those MKP Men for whom NWTA was essentially their first step into waking up to this realm of new possibilities. My invitation is this:

Go deeper.

Allow the profound experience you had through your Warrior Weekend to become the spring board from which you shall now lift yourself into new heights of self-exploration and transformation. I can’t begin to tell you just how rich and profound a life awaits you. All it takes is a clear intent and a deep surrender. I would like to suggest that MKP has cracked open a perceived “barrier” within you, and this has allowed a new level of awareness to flow through you and be known by you. I stand to be corrected if this is not true to your experience.

Yet this, my brothers and friends, is simply the humble beginnings of something that has the power and potential to carry you and your life into an entirely new level of experience. Yet, only to the degree that you are willing to pursue that path. The break through that I know you experienced on your NWTA weekend will in fact be just one of many. It may have been the first major such breakthrough you can remember experiencing, yet I know with all my heart that many even greater breakthroughs await each of us. MKP itself had small beginnings—that first breakthrough from being just an inspiration in the minds of a few men to becoming the first NWTA weekend—and yet it has now blossomed into a global phenomena through the ongoing dedication of many, but only as the result of many even greater breakthroughs. Your own awakening also has the potential to quietly blossom into a global phenomena that will in some small way help transform this world.

There’s more. There’s more. Seek it out and IT will seek you and pluck you up from wherever you are and carry you along such a splendid path of awakening.

To whatever degree you still find yourself inwardly diverging from the experience of deep love, inner peace, and contentment… that is the degree to which there is more that your soul is waiting to share with you, to release you from, so that you may truly walk this Earth as a free man. A man free to express and live his mission in a way unique to you yet just as powerful as ANY other person you can think of from human history.

What we went through was as “initiation”. An initiation into not only what it means to be an authentic man in today’s world, but also an initiation into what it simply means to “be”. An initiation is: “The act of initiating, or the process of being initiated or introduced.”

Yes, this is the beginning of a process. We have experienced an introduction. An introduction to a new perception of Self; and any introduction worth my time and energy is an introduction that then leads into a deep and lasting relationship. In this case, not so much a relationship to some thing out there—a person, an institution, a job—but rather a relationship with Self.

Every man who has an affiliation with MKP that goes on to do deeper and even more profound inner work is naturally going to bring all their new found gold—their new-found gifts of wisdom and love—back into MKP and hence back to every other man that is part of MKP and who will ever be a part of MKP. This will in fact happen even if that man never has any further affiliation with MKP for we are all connected on unseen levels, and in going through the same initiation that all other New Warriors go through we have all been united in spirit.

This is powerful stuff. May I not underestimate it.

The ongoing self-transformation of each New Warrior will play a part in the self-transformation of every other New Warrior.

What more can I say?

I wish you all the best on your journey,



I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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