"Dr. Gruder's Find:" The ManKind Project

"A 'Dr. Gruder's Find:' The ManKind Project
Last Updated: October 12, 2004
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The ManKind Project (MKP) is an international non-profit organization of men mentoring men into mature manhood. MKP does this better than another other organization I know of. They help men identify and fulfill their life mission, live life with integrity and authenticity, deepen their capacity for durable healthy relationships, and become more effective as a man of service in the world. MKP does all this through helping men face their shadow, clean up their baggage and become exquisitely accountable for the effects of their actions.

This remarkable experience begins with an extraordinary weekend called the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA). This powerful , gorgeously constructed, experiential initiatory weekend is then followed by attending ongoing men's groups where the work begun during the weekend continues. Because MKP is a non-profit organization of men mentoring men, there is no fee for attending the ongoing groups that follow the NWTA weekend. The only fee involved is for attending the weekend and the subsequent training program that prepares men to effectively utilize MKP's ongoing men's groups. I can tell you first hand that these costs are more than well worth the money...even if you choose not to attend an ongoing group following the weekend!

I have consistently seen men accomplish more during the NWTA weekends than they would have been likely to accomplish in 6 months of therapy. And if they are currently in therapy, or want to be, the weekend is likely to get them more focused and clear about what they want to accomplish in their therapy than they would ever have been without it. The same positive impact occurs with men attending the weekend who are involved with a twelve step program.

NWTA weekends are held throughout the world. The Los Angeles and San Diego MKP communities provide these initiatory weekend approximately every two months. Men can attend the weekends in any location they wish. If there is an MKP community near where they live, they can then do the training in their own community that will prepare them for joining an ongoing MKP men's group there.

The MKP International website is http://www.mkp.org/. From there you can access all the MKP communities around the world. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can also directly access their NWTA weekend workshop schedule via http://www.mkpla.org/. You can directly access the San Diego community's NWTA weekend workshop schedule via http://www.mkpsd.org/.

If you decide to attend an NWTA, and would like me to consider being part of the staff for your weekend, let me know, as this is part of the service work I do. (Because MKP is a service organization that is in integrity with its mission, staff are not only not paid, but they actually pay a modest fee to be on staff in order to cover the cost of being there for the weekend).
I am certain that the more men who are exposed to this remarkable resource, the better our world will become. As MKP puts it, they're out to change the world for the better, one man at a time.


I'm out.
Old-faithful Wolf

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